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The Linner Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization providing assistance and support to families and the community by promoting foster care support, mental health first aid awareness, family empowerment and development support services, healthy living awareness programs and family navigator services.

Founded by native Washingtonian and mental health advocate, Oliver L Roy (who has over 15 years experience in outreach and mental health training), The Linner Foundation’s goal is to empower individuals and families through support, research, workshops and training by education and prevention through awareness. By providing these quality services, our mission is to educate, inform and inspire the empowerment of families by creating lasting solutions for healthy living.

Since a healthy family life is all about loving people and feeling cared for, we strongly believe that helping others promotes a community of enriched lives all around us. The positive and meaningful relationships formed with our programs help to overcome barriers and foster a spirit of working together.

We are 100% committed to assisting and engaging families in their desire to live healthily and, as such, our ultimate vision is to implement programs and transform communities by inspiring healthy living and awareness.

With empowerment, compassion, engagement and support being the cor-cornerstone of everything we do here at The Linner Foundation, we aspire to become the leader in supporting and equipping the community in successful family skills development.

Whether you are a foster child or foster parent, here at The Linner Foundation, we have a unique perspective on the foster care system. Why? Because we have experienced it first hand - and from both sides! We fully believe that more support and training services are required for those in foster care. This is why The Linner Foundation put together The Foster Care Support Services.

These services are for all foster children and families; foster parents of chil-dren with special needs and caregivers. These services will focus specifically on the issues and challenges that children face being in and aging out of foster care.

Crisis Prevention Institute.

CPI is a standard-setting resource for organizations that serve society’s most vulnerable. Their proven model for staff training and personalized support empowers professionals who strive to sustain true cultures of compassion.

For more than 35 years CPI been helping schools, hospitals, and other service organizations throughout the world create safer, more respectful work environments.

CPI is an international training organization committed to best practices and safe behavior management methods that focus on prevention.

Through a variety of specialized offerings and innovative resources, CPI educates and empowers professionals to create safe and respectful work environments and enrich the lives of the individuals they serve. Since 1980, over 10 million professionals around the world have participated in CPI training programs.


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