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Family Navigator Program

Empowering Personal Growth

The Linner Foundation has partnered with Advocates for Justice in Education (AJE) as we implement our Family Navigator Program. This program works as part of a collaborative system of resources and supports designed to inform, educate, and support families to become equal partners in the education, health, and overall well-being of their children and families. The Family Navigator Program has been established to train parents to become family navigators.

A Family Navigator is usually the parent or caregiver of a child with special needs who has overcome some of the challenges of being a caregiver and is knowledgeable about the support service and delivery systems and is willing to share their experiences with other families.


Family Navigators are available to provide support and services as a resource to families. A number of our parents are participating in the training and after successful completion of the training program, parent's will work with case managers among other professionals to assist in identifying and prioritizing needs, they shall also help the family communicate effectively with other service providers, and provide information that will aid families in obtaining appropriate services. This collaboration will help The Linner Foundation members gain access to and will benefit from the resources available through the Family Navigation Program.

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