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The Family Empowerment & Development Support Services promotes the growth and healthy living through awareness program. (FEDSS) is responsible for planning and participating in programs and community events to increase the District resident’s awareness of The Linner Foundation support and services.

The Linner Foundation will make sure that individuals are aware of support and services available to them through our awareness programs. Efforts are made to find improvements and provide assistance to help them improve their health, social and environmental needs. Family Empowerment & Development Support Services has also implemented support groups to address the special needs and concerns of father’s, families and communities.


We partner with several community organizations including, Assured Child Support, Advocates for Justice and Education, Mary's Center FCA, 4 The Love of Children Inc., Lead Safe Washington, Salvation Army, and United Planning Organization, Collaborative Solutions For Communities These organizations conduct research for measurement outcomes related to support group activity, and provide training to support group members. 


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