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What's a Comfort Case?

Thousands of children enter the foster care system each year. Most carry little more than the clothes on their backs. We founded Comfort Cases on a mission to provide the essentials to these brave children on their journey to find home.

Scheer founded Comfort Cases, a non-profit organization provides backpacks with essential items like toiletries, pajamas, activities and other items for children in foster care. The charity went from providing about 300 kits in 2013 to donating 25,000 to kids in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia foster care systems last year.


Rob is an outspoken advocate for children in foster care and speaks all over the country. He was recently honored at the Family Equality Council Impact Awards in Los Angeles, Calif.


Advocates for justice and education,Inc

The parent training and information center for the District Of Columbia.

​for more information on AJE please go to.

Autistic Community

Autism through many lenses, the digital magazine whose mission is to inspire, answer questions, ease minds, focus on positive solutions and recognize autistic individuals and the family members who support them on their journeys for more information go to.

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